Filling out the information on this form will help you gain clarity on your project regardless of who develops your website. Just fill out the form, then click "send" at the bottom. We'll get your responses via e-mail.

We suggest you review section V. Field Trip questions before beginning the form, as it requests that you identify other websites that demonstrate qualities or functions you'd like yours to have.

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Business Name:
What is the nature of your business?

Do you currently have a Website? Yes No

If yes, what is the URL of the Website and where is it hosted?

1. What is your immediate goal for this website?

2. What is your long-term plan for this website?

3. What outcome will make this project successful? How will you measure success?

4. When would you like to have the website up and running? If there is a deadline, what is driving it?

5. What is the budget for this project? Is there an acceptable budget range, depending on the level and comprehensiveness of services provided? What is determining the budget range?

6. Please identify any identity/branding assets (logos, other artwork, and fonts) or issues.

Please assign each of the below choices a value between 1 (least important) and 10 (most important) in the adjacent box:

Obtain names, addresses and other information about visitors for use in mailing lists

Obtain demographic information about your customers through online questionnaires (marketing research)

Promote your product line / services

Have an online catalog

Brand ID (create an easily identifiable image)

Market product line / services (through direct online sales)

Create an online community of dedicated visitors

Improve access to information (customer support)

Establish presence on the Web

Have a better, more effective Web presence than your competition

Sending the message that your company is "Web-savvy"

1. What types of visitors do you want the site to attract?

2. What are your goals for each type of visitor? What sorts of products/services for each type of visitor identified?

1. Who will develop initial content? Who will provide updated content?

2. Is the current content in hard copy, electronic, or both?

3. What will be the nature of the site's content:

Information about the company (history, people, etc.)

Featured products/services

Number of featured products/services?

Online catalog

Number of products/services listed in catalog?

Order form

Visitor feedback form

Tips & tricks regarding your company's products/services

Visitor suggestions for new products/services etc.

Contests / Giveaways

Free stuff for filling out feedback form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Links to other websites

Other (please describe):

4. How often will you be adding content?

5. Would you like WALSTIB Productions to maintain your website after the initial launch?

Yes No

If your answer is "no", who will be responsible for maintaining the website after launch?

This is a very important part of this profile. The more work you put into it, the more your project will benefit. Find the highest-quality site(s) (more is better) on the Web that relate(s) to your project in the following categories:

1. Branding in a situation similar to yours (reinforcing an established brand, creating a new brand, etc.):

2. Appeal to same target group of customers:

3. Colors, look/feel, user interface, layout:

4. Scope of project:

5. Attracting new people to the site (newsworthiness, giveaways, impact, etc.):

6. Quality of content:

7. Quality of graphics:

8. Functionality (things sites do for people):

9. Community, special features, responsiveness, other categories important to your project:

10. Overall favorites sites (for whatever reasons).

Your website will need to be hosted on a server that is connected to the Internet. WALSTIB Productions can host your site, you can use a hosting company of your choice, or you may want to host the site on your own servers.

1. Who would you like to host your website?

WALSTIB Productions

We will

Our current Internet Service Provider


2. How are you currently connected to the Internet?

Name of ISP:
3. Does your company own a domain name (e.g. "")?


4. Are you interested in obtaining a domain name? If so, what are the names you are considering?

5. Would you like WALSTIB Productions to research name availability and obtain/register the name for you? Yes   No

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